conditions and services of the 3 Rabbits

On this page, you will be able to find the details of the conditions and services provided by the 3 Rabbits and also the rules and regulations of the use of the Lodges.



Pets are allowed in our lodges only by demand and consent of the 3 rabbits staff. Please ask us while taking the reservation.


Tourist Tax

The tourist tax is actively participating to the development and structuration of an offer of quality on our mountains and area. It is paid in addition of the price of the rental and should be paid directly to the owner at the end of your stay.


Service Charge

The Service charges are not included in the price of the rental. They will be calculated at the end of your saty when you leave.


Maximum guest capacity

The contract is established for a defined maximum capacity of guests. If the number of guests is over this maximum capacity, the 3 Rabbits can refuse the extra guests, by so, the contract will be terminated. In this case, the price of the full rental will be paid to the owner.



Whatever reservation mode is used, the rental will be confirmed written down a letter.



If your house Multiple-risk insurance don't have extention for holiday rentals, it is strongly recomended to contract an holiday rental insurance for your stay.




The Lodge have to be clean before you leave at the end of your saty. Please note that the three Rabbits give you all the tools to clean the Lodge (Brush, vaccum cleaner, mop...)